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Bad Dad Custom Motorcycle Finishes, Motorcycles  Supplies & Parts, Fort Wayne, IN
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Order Info & Policies

What is custom fabrication?  Well to be honest, that is what we do and that is how we have designed our parts.  Dictionary.com defines custom as made especially for individual customers and it defines fabrication as to make; create or to construct by combining or assembling diverse, typically standardized parts. Our entire philosophy is why be like everyone else, when with a little creativity and a lot of sweat and hard work you can have something unique.
With that being said let us state our return policy:
Return Policy:  We will return any stock products that do not meet your expectations less 10% (ten percent) restocking fee, shipping and handling.  Should you experience a problem with our part or labor and still want the part we will replace or repair at our discretion.  Please examine and fit your order as soon as possible so time doesn't create hardships.  It is strongly recommended that you have these parts installed by a qualified technician. Any part that has been modified, misapplied, improperly installed, or not maintained will void all warranty and return policies.
Warranty:  Limited to one year from date of purchase.  Bad Dad Customs does not assume any liability for loss of use or inconvenience.  All warranty work parts will be reshipped via the same shipping manner as the original order.  Additionally, any parts that have been modified, misapplied, improperly installed, or not maintained will void all warranty and return policies.
Shipping Concerns:  Carefully inspect all of your parts upon receipt.  If you find that your parts have been damaged during transit, you must keep all of your original packing materials in order to make a proper claim damage within seven days.  You must present your packaging material to the freight carrier to verify your claim.
Custom Orders:  Are designed and created per customer specification and are not subject to return or refund.  Custom Orders require a prepayment in secured, non-revocable funds.  Custom orders damaged in shipping will be replaced or repaired at our discretion.
Effective July 2009