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Yamaha Road Star Bagger Kit

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This 2007 Yamaha Road Star features Bad Dad's full line of Bagger Parts adapted to the Road Star platform. The front of the bike displays the Indian Chief Front Fender mounted over the stock 16" wheel. This fender adds a distinguished sweeping style to the bike and accommodates all 16"-21" wheels. Above the fender we see a true crown jewel in the Stretched Headlight Nacelle. This custom parts works well as a standalone part, or in conjunction with Bad Dad's Bagger Kit. Designed specifically for the Road Star front end, this Headlight Nacelle utilizes the same 7" headlamp assembly found on Harley's Touring models. Supplied with mounting hardware and detailed instructions on how to use this component with or without your stock passing lamp light, an optional Chrome Accent Spear is also available for the top of the Stretched Headlight Nacelle.

Nothing says 'Custom Bagger' like a set of Stretched Saddlebags and Stretched Wide Rear Fender. This custom rear end setup adds to the long and low design of the bike, and also provides a great canvas for displaying custom artwork as well as custom taillights.

The foundation of this great feature is a pair of custom designed and tested struts that add the necessary rigidity to the back of the bike with the addition of these extra parts. Bad Dad's custom designed bag brackets mount to the motorcycle at critical strength points to make an exceptionally unitized platform for the Stretched Saddlebags. They supply the strength needed for mounting the saddlebags as well as the correct spacing that makes your Custom Bagger look both professional as well as functional.

The Stretched Saddlebags are a Bad Dad production part that is one of the cornerstones of Bad Dad's success. Made to fit this Yamaha Road Star, these Stretched Saddlebags offer 10% more carrying capacity over stock Harley bag, offering plenty of space for a tool pouch, rain gear, drinks, etc. They are constructed of rigid hand laid fiberglass that makes them both durable and easy to paint. The Stretched Saddlebags ship to you with all the holes drilled for mounting to the bike as well as installation of H-D factory lids. We offer H-D lids below list price as well as custom domed lids that match the contour of the rear fender.

Aside from being lowered both front and rear and the addition of Bad Dad's Bagger Kit, this 2007 Yamaha Road Star appears the same as it did the day it left the showroom floor. All of the items from this list will be available Fall 2009 to help transform your Yamaha into a one-of-a-kind Custom Bagger.

Yamaha Parts List
Front fender: Indian Chief Front Fender
Headlight: Road Star Stretched Headlight Nacelle
Headlight: Chrome Accent Spear
Headlight: 7" Headlamp Assembly
Saddlebags: Stretched Saddlebags
Saddlebags: Complete Latch Assembly
Saddlebags: OEM Saddlebag Lids
Saddlebags: Domed Lids Pair
Rear fender: Yamaha Bagger Fender with Plate Recess
Other: Yamaha Saddlebag Bracket Kit
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