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Bad Dad Custom Motorcycle Finishes, Motorcycles  Supplies & Parts, Fort Wayne, IN
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Bad Dad Supports the Semper Fi Fund - Serving Those Who Preserve Our Freedom

Semper Fi Fund


Bad Dad fans, friends, foes, and fellow countrymen I am probably more tired than most of you from hearing about charitable demands on your time, talent, and treasure. What I offer you is an avenue to contribute to U.S. service persons who have not only operated voluntarily at 'the tip of the spear' but have been injured in doing so. The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund directs over 90% of all contributions to aid Marines and Sailors as well as members of the Army, Air Force and Coast Guard who have served in support of Marine forces, when they become injured in post 9/11 combat or training operations, or are diagnosed with a life threatening illness.

This opportunity was brought to my attention by an awesome individual who has become a good friend to me and my family, Col. Rob Scott USMC. Rob and I met at the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot San Diego Ca (MCRD) the summer of 2007. Col Scott and his men are an inspiration to all who meet them.

The fund also is available to:

  • Help defray the expenses incurred during hospitalization, rehabilitation and recovery
  • Assist with the expenses associated with the purchase of specialized equipment, adaptive vehicles and home modifications
  • Educate the public about the special needs of our wounded service members and their families

What IMSFF has accomplished through the support of people like you:

  • Established in May 2004, the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund has provided over 18,300 grants totaling $37 million in assistance to our Nation's wounded and critically ill heroes and their families.
  • Since Its inception, IMSFF administrative and fundraising costs have averaged at 7%, well below the national average, and IMSFF fundraising expenses have averaged just 2 cents per dollar raised.



See if in some way you can help mend the broken body or spirit of those who freely given so much.

As always, keep on rockin' in the free world, BD