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Print Instructions

2009+ Detachable Tour Pack Rack

Bad Dad's 2009+ Detachable Tour Pack Rack is designed to fit 2009-current Touring models equipped with one of Bad Dad's Bagger Rear Fenders. Your Tour Pack Rack Kit should include: (1) Tour Pack Rack (raw or black) (4) Bushings (2) Chrome Spacer 13/32 x 3/4 x 5/8 (2) Chrome Button Head 5/16 - 18 x 2
1) Here is your bike with your custom Bad Dad fender installed
2) Begin by building the center docking point onto the motorcycle's frame. You will do this by using the chrome button head bolt, the bronze spacer, and the chrome spacer from the Bad Dad hardware kit. You will combine this with your existing Harley-Davidson rubber docking bushing from your existing 2-point or 4-point docking kit. If you need to order this bushing separately, use Harley-Davidson part number 53684-96A. You will need one for each side of the motorcycle. This picture shows the correct assembling sequence for these components.
3) Next, install this assembly into the existing threaded hole in the frame. Use the threaded hole directly behind the upper saddlebag support rail mount as shown here.
4) Now you install the rearmost docking point onto the frame. You will build the assembly shown here using either a regular Harley-Davidson bushing (HD PN 53684-96A) or you can order a custom one through Bad Dad (pictured here). Use the short bronze spacer as part of this assembly.
5) Then install this assembly into the pre-existing hole in the frame.
6) Next, begin installing the Tour Pack Rack by pushing the front of the Rack into the back of the shock. Then install the black detachable rotating thumb clips onto Bad Dad's Tour Pack Rack (not included). You may have these clips from an existing Tour Pack rack or you can order them through Bad Dad or Harley-Davidson. The correct orientation for the thumb clips has the spring-loaded plunger facing towards the rear of the bike.
7) Now install the Rack over the rear bushings that you have installed. The rotating thumb clip will install over the center bushing and the rear of the rack will be supported by the rearmost bushing
8) Finish by lowering the Rack into place and securing the rotating thumb clip.