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Bad Dad Custom Motorcycle Finishes
6931 Quemetco Court
Fort Wayne, IN 46803
Phone: 260.407.2000
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A Division of Hinsey's Pro Paint, Inc.

About Bad Dad, Inc. Bad Dad, Inc. opened early in the year 2000 as a small division of Derk Hinsey's collision repair center, Hinsey's Pro Paint (founded in 1979). Today, Bad Dad, Inc. combines Derk's thirty years of bodywork experience with some of the 21st century's newest technology to produce its full line of Bad Dad Original parts.

Quality Processes Create Quality Parts. Bad Dad's parts sales have grown tremendously through increasing customer satisfaction and producing quality parts as its daily focus. Bad Dad goes through an extensive R&D process when designing new parts and an even more rigorous production phase when making new Bad Dad Original parts.

Quality Ideas. All of Bad Dad's custom parts begin life as an idea that is artistically transformed into a handmade, one-off custom part. These hand sculpted parts serve as the prototype that will form the foundation for the parts Bad Dad's customers will order. Once the prototype is created, the design goes through several methodical steps before Bad Dad's production parts are created.

Quality Technology. Once Bad Dad's prototype part is created, a Coordinated Measuring Machine (CMM) is used to make a digital model of the new part. The CMM uses a digital scanner to locate and measure hundreds of critical points on the prototype part. These critically measured points will create a digital image of this Bad Dad part. Next, the CMM's measurements are converted to a digital rendering using the newest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. The CAD drawing is used to create a Computer Numeric Control (CNC) model of the Bad Dad piece. This CNC'd part is typically cut from high density foam. Next, this high density foam model is used to create a series of interior and exterior molds. These CNC molded parts will then be test fit to a motorcycle to test the critical tolerances of the part. Once the CNC model is fit correctly, this final model is used to make Bad Dad's production molds.

Quality Preparation. In addition to the production molds, each of Bad Dad's parts also use an additional trim fixture for accurately cutting and drilling mounting holes into every custom Bad Dad part. These router-driven trim fixtures use a series of hardened materials and hardened drill bushings that allow Bad Dad parts to be precisely trimmed and drilled while maintaining the integrity of the original Bad Dad mold. This creates excellent fitting parts and protects the accuracy of the Bad Dad tooling.

Quality Construction. Bad Dad uses a series of construction materials in its line of custom parts, properly selecting the correct materials for each application. Several of Bad Dad's parts are made from random strand hand laid fiberglass mat. The most important feature of the random strand mat is that its interwoven fibers create an interlocking of mat that allows for a very rigid part. Bad Dad employs this hand layup technique on several of its parts. Bad Dad has also adopted the use of Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) for many of its newest parts. RTM injection uses closed molding technology to create a part that is smooth both inside and out. Through creating a completely closed and controlled environment, RTM injection allows Bad Dad to build parts that feature the precision of an injected product with the strength and integrity of a fully composite component.

Quality Testing. The use of quality technology, preparation, and construction allows Bad Dad to make parts that fit great and provide years of use. This is tested in both the real world and also with the use of modern technology. Several of Bad Dad's load bearing parts, like Bad Dad's Summit Fender Series, are pressure tested to ensure the integrity of the part's design and construction. Bad Dad's Summit Fender Series has been tested to over 2,000lbs of pressure. The data testing for these parts can be found on this page.

Quality Packaging. All of this effort is finished with custom packaging to deliver Bad Dad's parts to its customers. Several of Bad Dad's parts utilize custom constructed boxes to ensure your custom order is delivered safely. All of Bad Dad's Rear Fenders and Stretched Saddlebags ship in custom designed boxes that are made specifically for your parts.

Quality Motorcycles. Bad Dad truly appreciates the loyalty of its customers and all of the bikes on which our parts have been featured over the years. We are continually using leading technology from the composite industry to improve the quality of our processes and products. We pass each of these improvements along to all of our customers who use our custom parts on their motorcycle. We appreciate each customer who considers us and chooses our parts for their custom project.

Made in the USA. Each and every part made by Bad Dad is made in the United States of America. Most of our parts are made here in northeast Indiana.